Birla Purocel – a truly sustainable viscose fiber

Birla Purocel is a nonwoven fiber brand of Birla Cellulose, which is one of the largest viscose fiber manufacturers in the world.

Birla Purocel offers 100% nature-based cellulosic and biodegradable viscose fibers for nonwovens. Uniquely designed for next-to-skin applications like personal care, hygiene and medical, among many others with a focus on sustainability, innovations and value-chain partnerships.

Nature-based fiber – 100% cellulosic & biodegradable

  • Birla Purocel is a completely natural wood-based fiber.
  • Viscose is one of the fastest biodegradable and compostable fibers. Birla Purocel fibers are certified by TÜV AB (Austria) for biodegradability in soil, water & marine environments and compostable in home and industrial conditions. The best thing about Birla Purocel fibers is it comes from nature, and it goes back to nature at the end of life.
  • Birla Purocel has been specifically designed to make sustainable single-use products.

Sustainable & responsible

Birla has been ranked No. 1 in Canopy’s Hot Button Report 2020 and achieved best-in-class Higg (3.0) FEM 2019 score of 92% across all manufacturing sites.

Environmental NGO Canopy evaluates viscose fiber producers on their wood sourcing practices giving them an overall score in terms of buttons and color of the shirt. Birla Purocel is the first-ever viscose fiber producer globally to achieve the highest category of the shirt rating, a “Dark Green Shirt” with 33 buttons in 2020.

Birla Purocel Performance

Higg (3.0) FEM Index evaluates a manufacturing facility’s overall environmental performance. As of 2019, all of Birla’s seven manufacturing units had an average score of 92%, which is best-in-class score in viscose industry.

Wood C-o-C certifications like FSC® & PEFC™ have also played a major role in defining the sustainability of wood sourcing for viscose fibers. The wood used for making viscose fibers is sourced from sustainably managed forests having globally recognized forestry certifications and 100% of the wood used is fully traceable.

Birla is a carbon neutral organization in Scope-1 & Scope-2 emissions and is also the 1st MMCF producer to do a comprehensive Scope-3 evaluation.

Birla Purocel has invested in state-of-the-art R&D, which enabled creation of innovative fibers for a better planet by closely working with the value chain partners.

Birla Purocel works with the entire value chain to improve the product performance and sustainability with 100% nature-based fiber. Validated by its #1 ranking in the Canopy Hot Button Report 2020 and best-in-class Higg FEM 2019 score, Birla Purocel is a strong partner capable of driving product and application-based innovation.

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