Zünd technology makes textile cutting easier and more productive than ever

Zünd multifunctional digital cutting system
Zünd multifunctional digital cutting systems are known for their modularity, their quality build and longevity, and especially for their productivity.

Zund America, with headquarters in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is the sister company of Zünd Systemtechnik AG, the family owned Swiss manufacturer of multi-functional digital cutting and routing systems. Engaged in developing and manufacturing digital cutters for nearly four decades, Zünd has gained a worldwide reputation for being the leading manufacturer of high-quality automated cutting solutions. Zünd systems are widely used in textile/technical textile, composites, leather, graphics, packaging and many other industrial applications. Built for 24/7 operation and powered by application-specific control software, Zünd cutters offer an extensive selection of modular, specialized tool options and workflow automation that make digital cutting of just about any flexible or rigid material simple, productive, and profitable.

Zünd multifunctional digital cutting systems are known for their modularity, their quality build and longevity, and especially for their productivity. Several different lines of cutting systems are available, including the S3/G3 and the dual-beam D3, with active cutting areas ranging from 52×32 inches to 10×10 feet. Because of the modularity typical of all Zünd cutter series, customers can pick and choose the tooling and the material-handling automation that make sense for their particular production environments. Typical productions scenarios may range from custom fabrication or prototyping to high-volume, fully automated non-stop operation.

Zund garment cutter
Zünd garment cutter

With a wide range of tool options for cutting, routing, punching and even labeling & marking, Zünd cutters can handle flexible and/or rigid materials up to 2-inch or, with extended beam height, up to 4-inch thick. Common applications in the industrial space involve composites, technical textiles, various types of foams, plastics, rubber, leather and more. Zünd Cut Center, Zünd’s complete, interactive digital workflow suite, offers an extremely versatile, user-friendly interface and ensures simple, efficient operation and unbeatable productivity. For specialty applications such as leather-and textile cutting, Zünd also offers Mind software and all system components required, including efficient material capture, nesting, pattern-matching, projection-assisted picking/sorting, and more.

On display at Techtextil NA

The Zünd Cradle Feeder 100 will be on display at Techtexil North America, Aug. 23-25 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Featuring integrated cut-off system, intelligent controls, and smart roll-off technology, the Zünd Cradle Feeder 100 makes textile cutting easier and more productive than ever.

Zünd’s new Cradle Feeder 100
Zünd’s new Cradle Feeder 100 technology will be on display at Techtextil North America.

The open architecture at the heart of all Zünd cutting systems allows for easy integration in existing production workflows. Combine all this with exceptionally low cost of ownership, and it is clear why Zünd is … “Your first choice in digital cutting.”

Key benefits:

  • Zünd modular, multifunctional digital cutting systems can be tailored to individual production needs. Zünd offers the widest range of specialized tool options for maximum versatility and cut quality.
  • All Zünd cutters can be expanded and upgraded any time with additional tool and automation options to meet changes in market demand.
  • Zünd’s open architecture makes Zünd systems easy to integrate in existing production environments.
  • Modularity, versatility, productivity, and low cost of ownership make Zünd … Your First choice in digital cutting.

Visit us at Techtextil North America: Booth #1201.

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