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Startups at Center Stage

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Expanding Spandex in India

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Defining Cotton Recycling At the Next Level

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Textile innovation emerges from industry gatherings.

Textile Innovation Emerges from Industry Gatherings as the Stars of the Show In the past year, startup companies have been gaining valuable exposure at textile industry exhibitions and conferences, showcasing …

TENCEL Lyocell fibers with stretch properties

Stretch fabric is a term that echoes frequently in today’s fashion and textiles. From yoga pants to jeans to activewear, stretch fabrics provide comfort, mobility, and style. The defining characteristic …

Demand for spandex-blended clothing is growing, and Indorama India is taking advantage of this opportunity.

Indorama India is Poised for Opportunity by Being Strategically Focused on “Made in India” Advantages Demand for spandex-blended clothing is growing among consumers in the last few years, due to …

Recycled cotton can be used to create a variety of apparel products.

Lenzing is a global leader in specialty, wood-based fibers with a mission to drive the textile value chain towards a circular economy. The transition to wood-based fiber solutions is accommodated …

Annabelle Hutter with textiles ready for recycling. Globally, just 15% of post-consumer textile waste is recycled with the remaining 85% often ending up in a landfill. The ambition of Säntis Textiles, alongside their partners from the textile industry, is to take steps to reverse these numbers as they believe that the recycling and upcycling manufacturing model is the only way forward, not just for our industry but for the planet as a whole. Their 100% recycled cotton is the first of its kind in the market. This recycled cotton fabric is made from pre- and post-consumer cotton, textile waste and leftovers from fabric production. They spin this waste, collected from over 100 sources in three countries, into strong staple fibers with impeccable quality. Not only is this officially verified, but also when woven together, they create the highest quality of sturdiness and durability, perfect for daily use. Photo courtesy of Santis

Since 2019, Säntis Textiles has been producing around 300-350 tons of 100% recycled cotton monthly using specially-developed RCO100 technology at the plant of its partner Kipas in Kahramanmaras, Turkey.The technology …