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China’s Fast-Growing Carbon Fiber Demand

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JEC Group goes all-virtual with JEC Connect digital event

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Top technologies for the processing of high-performance fibers

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Participants at the 29th China International Manmade Fiber Conference (CIMFC).

Expanding Sustainability Includes Exploring Fiber Advancements in China for the Growth of Their Green Economy At the 29th China International Manmade Fiber Conference (CIMFC), September 26-27 in Jilin City, Jilin …

JEC Composites Connect all-virtual exhibition

JEC Group, the world’s leading company dedicated to promoting composite materials, has adapted its annual JEC World event as an all-new digital platform called JEC Composites Connect. The virtual event, …

High-strength fibers like Dyneema has resulted in ropes that have 75% less weight

The textile machinery branch of Germany’s VDMA, the Frankfurt-headquartered mechanical engineering industry association, held a series of webinars showcasing the technologies of some 30 of its members between June and …

Tape weave – a combination of RecyTape and glass fiber unidirectional (UD) tape

Web-based composites are nonwoven-based composite materials that meet the demand for sustainability and light weight. This new class of materials offers the possibility of processing recycled composite waste and thus …

Comparative material map of carbon fiber nonwoven composites

Sai Aditya Pradeep is pursuing a Ph.D. in Automotive Engineering in the Materials and Manufacturing Specialization at Clemson University where he is conducting research on the scalable production of thermoplastic …