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Eco-Dyes are on the Rise

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Natural Cures to Coloration Ails

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Lenzing Advances Circularity with Progressive Dyeing Approach

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Eco-dyes are on the rise globally.

Coloration Leaders Committed to Sustainable Change Many new companies are suddenly gaining traction in the development of sustainable new dyes and finishing treatments, as outlined by Geoff Fisher in his …

Bio-based dyes are fueling vibrant change to produce natural colors.

Bio-based Dyes Fueling Vibrant Change to Produce Natural Colors Following the shift from plant and animal-derived dyes to synthetic ones, there is now a growing appetite for non-toxic, bio-based dyes …

The Value Supply Chain (Source:

Lenzing’s nature-based innovation is witnessed in both product and process as the company progressively meets the demands of the textile industry. In product, Lenzing provides specialty fibers of stringent quality …

Getting color right, through digitalized computers and software.

While digitalization has become increasingly valuable over the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for a fully digitalized supply chain throughout the textile and fiber industries, …

Until the early 1960s, the bulk of TSG’s business was centered around processing wool suiting fabrics.

Founded in 1901 in Baltimore as Levy’s Water Shrinking and Drying, TSG Finishing is now in its fifth generation of family leadership. With more than a century of experience in …