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Executive Q&A: Sustainability is Fundemental

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The Success Story of Cellulosic Fibers Continues

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Asia Pacific Rayon Aerial View. Photo courtresy of APR

The Focus of Asia Pacific Rayon Is on Sustainable Production of Viscose Rayon, says Tapan Kumar Sannigrahi Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) is a leading integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia, …

Monofilament line in action at FET.

Sustainable Nylon Alternative Bylon™ Progressed by FET and Sci-Lume Labs Every year, millions of tonnes of apparel fibers are made into billions of garments, the vast majority of which are …

The audience at the Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023. Photo courtesy of Nova-Institute

The Annual Conference Will Provide Insights on the Current Trends of Circular Economy, Recycling and Sustainable Carbon Cycles Natural fibers, such as cotton and hemp, will not be able to …

Cellulose, including waste, have potential to offer competitive performance to synthetics with environmental benefits.

Forms of Cellulose, Including Waste, Have Potential to Offer Competitive Performance to Synthetics with Environmental Benefits Novel forms of cellulose, including waste, are being developed to offer competitive performance to …

246 Wiriya

Overview of Emerging Biodegradable Polymers, Their Suitability and Commercial Applications In Textiles, and Future Challenges Over the years, the consumption of single-use plastics has been on the rise due to …