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Fibers for FHE

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TFY 2023 – From Optimism to Recession in 2022

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Has Diligence for M&A Deals Gone Too Far?

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PolyIC GmbH & Co KG’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) interface panels bring together layers of responsive functionality for the transport market. Images showing front view (above) and reverse (right). Marie O’Mahony

Driving Forces of Flexible Hybrid Electronics The global smart textile market estimated to be worth $2.82 billion in 2022 and projected to rise to $17.94 billion by 2031, showing a …

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Work for The Fiber Year 2023 still is in full swing but recognizable is a similar development to 2020 with natural fiber supply expanding and manmade fibers output shrinking. Declaring …


Investment Banking teams are focusing significant time collecting wide swaths of a client’s company data in the early deal phase prior to marketing the firm in a sell-process. The main …

Staple fibers

Global supply of staple fibers in 2021 accounted for 58 million tonnes which meant for the first time in history losing their majority share in primary spinning stage. This decline …


One is often asked as a new year begins, what do you see on the horizon for the coming year? At INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics industry, we …