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Bio-Based Fiber


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Viability of Renewable Sources in Polymers

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Elevating Viscose Circularity: Lenzing Expands REFIBRA™ Technology to LENZING™ ECOVERO™

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Monofilament line in action at FET.

Sustainable Nylon Alternative Bylon™ Progressed by FET and Sci-Lume Labs Every year, millions of tonnes of apparel fibers are made into billions of garments, the vast majority of which are …

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Overview of Emerging Biodegradable Polymers, Their Suitability and Commercial Applications In Textiles, and Future Challenges Over the years, the consumption of single-use plastics has been on the rise due to …


LENZING™ ECOVERO™ with REFIBRA™ technology incorporates up to 20% of recycled raw material content from post-consumer textile waste. The goal is to further increase this ratio in the future.

Bio-based fibers are the fiber industry’s response to the call for sustainability. iStock/Fermate

A Primer on the Sustainable Golden Ticket Bio-based fibers are the fiber industry’s response to the world’s calls for sustainability. However, the term “bio-based fiber” is often used loosely. In …

Natural fiber sliver, pre-yarn. Photo courtesy MINIFibers

A Pathway to Sustainable Textiles The global textile industry involves the production, processing, and distribution of various fibers, fabrics, and finished textile products. It encompasses a wide range of activities, …