Autefa develops next generation fiber baling press

Autefa Solutions has been working successfully in the field of staple fiber logistics for 65 years. The automation concepts of Autefa Solutions are used in the production of viscose, polyester and acrylic fibers as well as acetate cigarette tow.

Autefa Solutiosn Fiber Logistic Technology
Autefa Solutiosn Fiber Logistic Technology

Global Sales Director Dirk Falise explained: “Together with market-leading fiber producers we have developed a new generation of fiber baling presses. The Nonstop-Ultra baling press increases the productivity, decreases space requirements and compresses the fibers gently. The considerable decreases in personnel costs as well as the high availability of the installation and the short period of amortization have convinced our customers.”


The baling press Nonstop-Ultra consists of a prepress and a main press. The prepress has a press box, which is opened and locked automatically from the side. A second press box for the final compression is not required as the prepress already shapes the bale optimally with a pressing force of 80t. A quick and dynamic removing fork makes the fiber transfer.

Damages to the fibers or the rupture of the bale wrapping are excluded by using the removing fork. The baling press Nonstop-Ultra in combination with the wrapping machine AD-WRAP has a maximum production volume for fiber lines (up to 300 t/day or 50 bales/h). Customers benefit by the reduction of labor costs.

Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP

Fiber producers have opted for the advantages of the new wrapping machine AD-WRAP. AD- WRAP wraps fiber bales into a protective film.

Autefa Solutions Nonstop- Ultra Baling Press
Autefa Solutions Nonstop- Ultra Baling Press

A reduction of investment costs is achieved, as a lower number of machines are required. Compression of the fibers as well as strapping and wrapping of the bales is effected simultaneously with separate machines. AD-WRAP grips the bale and wraps it. The baling press has more time for pressing the staple fibers, as the wrapping does not consume the time of the baling press. Thus the output of a baling press installation can be increased by up to 50%.

All over the world customers are complaining about soiled and contaminated fiber bales. This is often the case when using polypropylene wrappings. However, problems are also caused by openings (flaps) in the wrapping. With AD-WRAP this belongs to the past. Two elastic stretch hoods made of polyethylene (60 μm- 180μm) are put over the bale from two sides. They enclose each other and thus seal the fiber bale safely off from dirt, foreign fibers (e.g., hair) and insects. The investment amortizes in a short time.


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