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Extended Producer Responsibility in Action

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Defining Cotton Recycling At the Next Level

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With the latest PicConnect platform, Picanol has aimed to digitize and harness the intuition of the expert weaver. Photo courtesy of Picanol

Predictive Fulfilment is the Goal as AI Moves In For a number of decades now, the supply chains of many high-tech industries have been highly structured and strictly managed top-down …

There are now 47,406 voluntary drop-off points for waste clothing, household linen and footwear across France. Photo courtesy of Refashion

France Points to the Future for the European Union and Recycling It’s no accident that there is currently so much activity related to recycling textile waste and the production of …

Annabelle Hutter with textiles ready for recycling. Globally, just 15% of post-consumer textile waste is recycled with the remaining 85% often ending up in a landfill. The ambition of Säntis Textiles, alongside their partners from the textile industry, is to take steps to reverse these numbers as they believe that the recycling and upcycling manufacturing model is the only way forward, not just for our industry but for the planet as a whole. Their 100% recycled cotton is the first of its kind in the market. This recycled cotton fabric is made from pre- and post-consumer cotton, textile waste and leftovers from fabric production. They spin this waste, collected from over 100 sources in three countries, into strong staple fibers with impeccable quality. Not only is this officially verified, but also when woven together, they create the highest quality of sturdiness and durability, perfect for daily use. Photo courtesy of Santis

Since 2019, Säntis Textiles has been producing around 300-350 tons of 100% recycled cotton monthly using specially-developed RCO100 technology at the plant of its partner Kipas in Kahramanmaras, Turkey.The technology …

BioHome3D was printed in four modules and assembled in half a day. Photo courtesy UMaine

Benefits at Both Ends of the Scale NatureWorks is continuously expanding its portfolio of Ingeo polylactic acid (PLA) materials which includes well-established grades for fibers and nonwovens, extrusion and injection …

Expo activity. Photo courtesy Caryn Smith

Huge Potential of India’s Nonwovens Industry Highlighted at INDEX 23 In April this year, India overtook China as the world’s most populous country according to the UnitedNation’s population estimates – …