BASF showcases sustainable product portfolio at UTECH 2021

BASF presents sustainable product developments and technologies to reduce carbon footprint

At UTECH Europe 2021, BASF featured concepts and technologies from its sustainable product portfolio, supporting its goal for net zero CO2 emissions by 2025. BASF showed its PU systems for various industrial sectors in addition to its portfolio of basic and intermediate products, including amine-based polyurethane catalysts under the Lupragen brand and PolyTHF.

BASF’s PU rigid foam systems for sandwich panels Elastopor and Elastopir, based on renewable raw materials, are designed for sustainable insulation in the construction sector. Showcased along with the foam systems was BASF Biomass Balance, a system in which fossil resources can be replaced by up to 100% renewable raw materials for a reduction of CO2 emissions.

For the appliance industry, BASF exhibited its Elastocool iQ, enabling a three-component dosing. In addition to the Elastocool F, the user is able to select a third component to impact properties such as an adjustable lambda and a higher flexibility in product by customized HFO systems.