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Fabric coating line – performance technology for quality textiles.
Fabric coating line – performance technology for quality textiles.

Your ability to support European and North American marketplace customers in a high-demand environment is about being adaptable at every stage. Consistent quality, industry credibility, and addressing different substrates for diverse applications is a daily endeavor. This versatility also encompasses evolving end product characteristics, global economic conditions, and sustainability goals. With so much in play, how can you achieve a balanced approach committed to value without compromising potential growth?

We believe the answer lies in building a solid foundation with market-leading technology. Value-added benefits such as automation, quick changes, and reduced waste will guide you toward an equipment platform that aligns industry expectations with your business objectives, today and in the future.

Davis-Standard offers a fabric coating platform with engineering that applies an integrated approach to your operation by answering your market questions. Where is the market now and where is it going? How does this align with my business today and how will it address my plans down the road? Regardless of response, we know the marketplace is strong for products such as roofing underlayment, house wrap, lumber wrap, pond liners and industrial packaging; and you’re in the driver’s seat to elevate your competitive advantage!

Merging your innovation with Davis-Standard’s proven solutions will provide you with flexibility for equipment add-ons for a faster return on investment. You can build upon a reliable platform with various levels of automation based on your selection of unwind, winder, extrusion station and configuration (mono or tandem). A single position winder or unwind may suit your current needs, but full automation for faster speeds is on the table. The good news is, you don’t have to decide today because it’s all upgradeable.

We‘ll also work with your teams to identify extruders, controls, feedscrews and web handling equipment that is well-matched for your process. In all cases, helping you attain reliable adhesion, desired speeds, and consistent coating for one or both sides of the web is our priority. This includes additional capabilities such as in-line primer application depending on your high-volume fabric coating or engineered textile specifications.

We also know you need reliable support after the sale. Being able to order spare parts with a timely delivery and having access 24/7 customer service is important. Our aftermarket department prioritizes these services on a regional level with a menu of upgrade options as you expand your operation. Constructive feedback via periodic equipment audits is available to ensure best performance, adding longevity to your equipment investment. You can also take advantage of Davis-Standard’s commitment to R&D and in-house laboratory facilities for testing and validation of your products on our equipment.

Many possibilities await. We look forward to discussing them with you at Techtextil North America, May 10-12, at booth #2203.

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