ELSNER Tech Center Substrate Testing to Optimize Production

For over 85 years ELSNER has been designing and manufacturing automated and robotic converting machinery for many diverse and complex markets, including end-use products such as spiral wound filters, rolled and folded wipes, and surgical drapes. Over the years we have a acquired a depth of knowledge, so we developed the ELSNER Tech Center (ETC).

ETC focuses on services that help our customers maximize their equipment investment/OEE, as well as increase efficiency and throughput. For us, it’s all about optimizing production. ETC provides opportunities for research and development, material testing and training. Our services include:

  • Substrate/Material Testing
  • New/pilot product converting
  • Overflow Converting
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Technical Training
  • Home to ELSNER Certified
  • Home to ELSNER University

Testing is Primary Role

The primary role of the ETC is as a place of testing, development, and demonstration. The ELSNER machinery at the Tech Center allows for new and prospective customers the opportunity for hands-on experience with our machine. In our facility, they can see production-ready equipment, as well as the latest technology. We can help them with testing with no impact on their valuable production schedule. As ELSNER machinery experts, our goal is to help our customers to run their product material optimally.

ELSNER offers a range of automation solutions
ELSNER has been manufacturing converting machinery for over 85 years. In that time, we’ve helped dozens of manufacturers automate processes to save time, labor and money.

ELSNER Certified Removes Upfront Testing and Guesswork

Our ELSNER Certified program takes substrate testing a step further. The program is designed to help both end users and nonwoven suppliers test new materials before asking for a change in the production environment. If a substrate achieves an ELSNER Certified, it means that running that material on an ENR-Series machine has already been proven, and upfront testing is eliminated.

Here’s an example of how ELSNER Certified can work: Recently, a nonwoven supplier was trying to get a major brand owner to try a new substrate. The brand owner was hesitant to tie up production hours to allow for testing of the substrate on their machine. They gave the supplier a short window of time with conditions that they do not make a blade change or make major adjustments to run the material. As expected, the testing failed, and the supplier was back to the drawing board. They contacted us for advice since they were trying to get the substrate to run smoothly on an ENR-Series machine. We conducted a day’s worth of testing using various blades and went through the full range of available machine adjustments and flexibility. The supplier left with a ‘recipe’ to run their current state material on the brand owner’s equipment as well as good data to allow them to go back and modify their substrate to run even better. Removing the production demands from the equation resulted in success.

The ELSNER Tech Center is designed to enable equipment users to optimize their production processes, leveraging ELSNER’s in-house expertise with converting machinery.

Testing & Training

Beyond certifying substrates, we offer a full range of testing services. We have a tensile tester setup for pull strength measurement. We do absorption, tail tie, and other R&D type testing for wipes and other products.

ELSNER University training allows your team to learn proper operation, maintenance and adjustment procedures, all taught be the team who built them. We customize the course and tailor the trainings: brush up on skills, onboard new operators and provide built-in standards for your production team.
Whatever your needs, ELSNER is here to help. Contact us: eew@elsnereng.com

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