Fibre52™ Technology Creates Better Cotton


Fibre52™ Cotton has unveiled a patent-pending technology to revolutionize the way cotton is prepared and dyed, substantially minimizing the use of water and energy and eliminating harsh chemicals while also offering a more durable and vastly improved natural-performance cotton fiber to rival synthetics.

Traditional cotton treatment method, used for generations, involved hazardous chemicals and high heat that weaken the cotton fibers. Fibre52™ cotton’s licensed process replaces harmful chemicals with bio-active products and uses lower levels of heat in the pretreatment process, saving up to 50% in water, energy use and process cycle time.

By including the Fibre52™ dye technology, the cotton retains its natural properties and allows moisture to be transferred away from the skin, as opposed to the normal clingy feel of cotton. Fibre52™ cotton serves as a smart moisture and thermal regulator, forming a layer of dry air next to the skin and ranking it high on the comfort scale.

Fibre52™ underwent a rigorous series of tests, overseen by North Carolina State University and SGS to prove performance functionality. The results rank Fibre52™ high on dynamic cooling and drying rate tests as well as high marks for low pilling and improved tear strength. The tests revealed Fibre52™ cotton provides a steady heat flux and a short drying time, proving the wearer would feel more comfortable in hot and cold temperatures due to the slow change of the micro-climate.