Heartland Polymers Begins Integrated Commercial Production at PDH/PP Complex

Heartland Polymers begins integrated commercial production at PDH/PP Complex.
Heartland Polymers begins integrated commercial production at PDH/PP Complex.

Heartland Polymers announced the successful start-up of its propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant, which is now providing on-site feedstock for North America’s only integrated, single-site commercial polypropylene (PP) production.

“Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our operations team, I am proud to report that our propane dehydrogenation plant has been providing a reliable onsite source of feedstock to our polypropylene production since the end of 2022,” says Todd Karran, CEO at Heartland Polymers. “Heartland is responsibly producing and shipping polypropylene to customers daily, and we continue to focus on optimizing our service.

“As the new entrant to the market and one that brings Heartland’s promise of reliability, service and sustainability, there is high interest in our products. We expect it will continue to grow now that we have achieved commercial production.”

Heartland Polymers produced approximately 200 million lbs of PP in 2022 after the initial PP production began in July, followed by the PDH plant’s start-up in October 2022. Located in Alberta, Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains, Heartland is unique to the industry, producing both polymer grade propylene (PGP) feedstock and PP product at a single site.

Heartland’s PP plant and its cogeneration central utilities block (CUB) were commissioned earlier in 2022. Before the PDH plant entered into service, Heartland was producing PP with PGP feedstock from parent company Inter Pipeline’s NGL business, Canada’s only PGP producer prior to PDH entering into service. This alternate feed source enabled Heartland to begin PP production in late fall 2022 and remains a key aspect of Heartland’s reliability in addition to its optimal geographic location.

Heartland is currently producing a range of homopolymers with a plan to add random copolymers to its production schedule later in 2023. Production currently focuses on serving the high demand for film, sheet extrusion, fibers and injection molding.

About Heartland Polymers

Heartland Polymers is bringing fresh energy and new ideas to the global polymer industry as North America’s first integrated propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene producer. With a nameplate capacity of 525KTA, we’re focused on shaping a superior customer experience from order to optimization: providing quality, sustainably produced PP products delivered with increased reliability via our rail network and storage-in-transit capabilities. Heartland Polymers is a business unit of Inter Pipeline with offices in Short Hills, New Jersey, and Calgary, Alberta. We believe in better. www.heartlandpolymers.com