Karl Mayer offering 4D-knit fabrics in new gauge

4D-KNIT articles in a new E 28 gauge

Karl Mayer has produced 4D-knit products on a jacquard double needle bar raschel machine in a gauge of E 28. The warp knitted spacer fabrics are produced on a RDPJ 6/2 EL FB, previously in gauge E 24. Material processed in a gauge of E 28 is typically suitable for elastic sportswear items.

The RDPJ 6/2 EL FB features two jacquard bars to make the front and back sides of a piece as a single piece with 3-dimensional bulky form. This includes contours to mark the cut edge, flat bars for segmentation, open mesh parts and under padded relief patterns with small-format geometric motifs. The small repeat of high-low effects reduces the fabrics contact area on skin while featuring thermoregulation through mesh areas and built-in elastic zones.