‘Program Profile’ Submission Guidelines

International Fiber Journal’s “Program Profile” column highlights outstanding educational programs/research/business development programs for those conducting research, pursuing professional or continuing education, and/or seeking business development programs related to fiber, technical textiles or nonwovens. Submit your program for consideration as an IFJ “Program Profile,” and get recognized by thought leaders, and those aspiring to be, in the world of the fiber, technical textiles and nonwovens.

The “Program Profile” column appears in every issue of IFJ (six times per year), on its companion website ifj.com, and in the IFJ “Insider” eNewsletter. To submit your program for consideration as a “Program Profile,” please provide the following materials:

  1. 100-200 word description of your program, its areas of emphasis, and how it advances the knowledge base in the area of fiber, technical textiles and nonwovens.
  2. 200-300 word description of specific achievements of your program, its education opportunities/initiatives, research outcomes, business partnerships/initiatives, etc. What are your program’s most noteworthy accomplishments?
  3. 200-300 word description of any partnerships your program has with businesses (public/private partnerships) or community organizations to advance/improve fiber, technical textiles and nonwovens processes in real-world scenarios.
  4. Please provide 2-3 visuals to highlight your program. Visuals could include photos of lab work, field testing, figures or charts showcasing different elements of research outcomes, headshots, or glamor shots of the program’s facilities. All images should be high-res (300 dpi in JPG, TIF, PNG, EPS or PDF format) and include a 1-2 sentence caption describing the visual.

Send materials to Matt Migliore at mmigliore@inda.media for consideration. We look forward to receiving your “Program Profile” submission.