SDL Atlas introduces next-generation hydrostatic head tester

SDLAtlat HydroPro Hydrostatic Head Tester

SDL Atlas is introducing a redesign to the HydroPro Hydrostatic Head Tester. The HydroPro tests the water resistance to fabrics, determining the waterproof properties of fabrics, such as canvas, coated fabrics, hood fabric, tarpaulin, rain-proof fabrics and geotextiles.

New features of the HydroPro include:

    • Video recording and image capture show real time pressure for review after testing via computer software.
    • Testing pressure up to 5 bar
    • New pneumatic sample clamping to avoid slippage and leakage
    • The Fast Test function allows users to rapidly determine a failure point and perform other tasks during 80% of the standard test time. An alarm indicates fail pressure is close.
    • Automatic water filling and water level detecting
    • Full color touch screen controller with preloaded routines for popular standards and custom programs
    • Connects via Wi-Fi to exclusive RemoteAccess App which alerts the operator when the test is 80% complete
    • Capable of Pore Size test with optional fixture for BS 3321
    • Capable of Blood Penetration Test with optional fixture for ASTM F1670, BS ISO 13994 and ISO 16603
    • LED lighting of sample area
    • Clear safety shield

Committed to providing customers confidence in standard based testing, SDL Atlas has offices and experts in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China, plus agents serving over 100 countries, SDL Atlas is ready to support its customers with instruments, consumables, and services anywhere in the world.