Sumo and Kelheim Fibers develop a sustainable absorbent washable diaper pad

Sumo and Kelheim Fibers have partnered to produce the Sumo Diapers, a washable fitted cloth diaper that consists of a waterproof cover and absorbent inserts that uses no fossil fuels and is made of sustainable materials.

Needle-punched/thermobonded nonwovens with a blend of viscose and polyactic acid (PLA) biocomponent fibers were chosen for washability. PLA is made from natural and renewable raw materials. Inside the pad, fibers from Kelheim feature a tribal cross-section of the Galaxy fiber that forms capillary channels that enable liquid distribution, optimizing the capacity of the absorbent core. In the core, the segmented hollow fiber Bramante stores liquid between and inside the fiber, with the ability to absorb up to 260% of its own weight in liquid.