Vegeto introduces fiber-based insulation material made of milkweed

Vegeto Milkweed Fiber Seeds

Vegeto, a Canada-based leader in the sustainable production and processing of plant textile fibers, has launched a high-performance milkweed insulation material. This new product represents an eco-friendly solution for the outdoor clothing and equipment market, notably jackets, handwear and sleeping bags. The nonwoven laminated textile insulation is a mix of milkweed and kapok fibers, and a biopolymer made from cornstarch. Testing conducted at an independent laboratory (CTT Group) confirms the product’s thermal insulation properties. The CLO value ranges from 2.5 to 4.5, depending on the weight of the chosen product (100 g/m2, 150 g/m2, 200 g/m2 and 250 g/m2). This weight range meets the insulation needs for mild spring weather, as well as for winter’s frigid temperatures.

Vegeto has succeeded in developing a “field to fiber” transformation process that meets the ever-growing demand for green raw materials. Although widely common in Canada, milkweed and its virtues remain rather unknown. Vegeto is actively working with Canadian farmers wishing to harvest a stable milkweed crop meeting textile-grade standards.