Lindner touts capabilities of next-generation Atlas cutting system exchange system

Lindner Atlas Cutting System

New to Lindner’s latest Atlas generation is the FX fast exchange system. For maintenance with minimum downtime, the entire cutting system can be completely exchanged in under an hour. With a second cutting unit, made up of a shaft pair and cutting table, it is possible to keep up production while work is carried out, such as welding on the rippers.

In waste processing, the trend is clearly toward automation, although separation technologies require uniformly flowing material in both flow rate and particle size to be productive. For the Atlas’ ripping cutting system, materials shredded to the size of an A4 sheet and with low fine content were tested to be ideal for preventing as many picking errors as possible. With an asynchronous shaft operation, the Atlas system achieves a constant material output of approximately 40 to 50 metric tons an hour. The shredder continually delivers enough material to the conveyor belt to enable productive sorting. The Atlas 5500 has an electromechanical belt drive and Dynamic Energy Exchange (DEX) energy management system, which enables shafts to change direction three times faster than in conventional drives.