Movers & Shakers – November 2022: Webinar for rapid spin finish and coatings analysis

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Movers & Shakers – October 2022: Hygienix™ to welcome 500+ registrants, 50 tabletop displays

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Movers & Shakers – September 2022: Flooding to impact cotton

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In a paper published in Nature Communications, researchers describe a new structure found in an aqueous solution of an amphiphilic copolymer, called a bilayer-folded lamellar mesophase, that has been discovered through a random copolymer sequence. “A new mesophase is an important discovery as it shows a new way for molecules to self-organize,” said Professor Myungeun …


For over 85 years ELSNER has been designing and manufacturing automated and robotic converting machinery for many diverse and complex markets, including end-use products such as spiral wound filters, rolled and folded wipes, and surgical drapes. Over the years we have a acquired a depth of knowledge, so we developed the ELSNER Tech Center (ETC). …

NYLEO® the new brand for DOMO's Performance Fibers product line.

NYLEO® is the new brand for DOMO’s Performance Fibers product line, bringing together a compelling combination of well-established performance fibers and groundbreaking new solutions. Based on nylon 66, NYLEO® is used in numerous applications in the textile, flooring, flock and abrasive markets. Thanks to its unique properties, it offers a wide range of actions to …


In response to wide ranging changes in the specialty chemical innovation space and the requirements for green and sustainable consumer products, Verdant Innovations introduced their first line of specialty green sustainable chemicals initially focused on pulp, textiles, nonwovens, and hemp industries. The new company, wholly owned by Cellulose Solutions, will distribute all green solutions as …

Angelo, Maurizio and Paolo Radici

In the dynamic and global textile fiber industry with its various manufacturing processes and end-uses, news and information is breaking on a daily basis. International Fiber Journal is tracking stories relevant to our industry from manmade to natural to bio-based fibers, innovations in nonwoven, woven, braided and technical textiles, technologies for additives, bonding, coatings and polymers, and …