Movers & Shakers – September 2022: Flooding to impact cotton

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Movers & Shakers – August 2022: INDA’s RISE® to focus on rethinking, reusing, recycling nonwovens

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EUROGEO returns!

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The LYCRA Company announces new equity ownership. The current management team led by CEO Julien Born continues to run business with shareholder support.

In the dynamic and global textile fiber industry with its various manufacturing processes and end-uses, news and information is breaking on a daily basis. International Fiber Journal is tracking stories relevant to our industry from manmade to natural to bio-based fibers, innovations in nonwoven, woven, braided and technical textiles, technologies for additives, bonding, coatings and polymers, and …

Zünd cutting system configured for textile cutting, pattern-matching, automatic nesting, and projection-assisted picking & sorting.

Zund America with headquarters in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is the sister company of Zünd Systemtechnik AG, the family-owned Swiss manufacturer of multi-functional digital cutting and routing systems. Engaged in developing and manufacturing digital cutters for nearly four decades, Zünd has gained a worldwide reputation for being the leading manufacturer of high-quality automated cutting solutions. Zünd …

The structure of monolayer polymeric C60 (Image by Ella Maru Studio) / Chinese Academy of Sciences

Synthetic carbon allotropes are known for their outstanding properties and potential applications. Scientists have devoted decades to synthesizing new types of carbon materials. However, a two-dimensional fullerene, which possesses unique structure, has not been successfully synthesized until now. Recently, a research group led by Prof. Zheng Jian from the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese …


In a paper published in Nature Communications, researchers describe a new structure found in an aqueous solution of an amphiphilic copolymer, called a bilayer-folded lamellar mesophase, that has been discovered through a random copolymer sequence. “A new mesophase is an important discovery as it shows a new way for molecules to self-organize,” said Professor Myungeun …


For over 85 years ELSNER has been designing and manufacturing automated and robotic converting machinery for many diverse and complex markets, including end-use products such as spiral wound filters, rolled and folded wipes, and surgical drapes. Over the years we have a acquired a depth of knowledge, so we developed the ELSNER Tech Center (ETC). …