Has Diligence for M&A Deals Gone Too Far?

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Planning To Sell Your Business? How Do You Choose the Right Investment Bank?

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Year-end planning to create greater value for your business in 2022

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Investment Banking teams are focusing significant time collecting wide swaths of a client’s company data in the early deal phase prior to marketing the firm in a sell-process. The main …


Five Essential Questions yo Ask Today, the textile fiber industry is fast-moving and rapidly consolidating. We are seeing more and more business owners choosing to make strategic decisions, and considering …

Five practices when selling family business.

Five best practices can help the sale of a family business go smoothly. Everyone listens to the dreadful stories of when the sale of a family business goes out-of-kilter. What …

Planning for 2022

Advances in technology have turned the global economy into a local economy. While this has created opportunity for business owners, it has also paved the way for significant threats and …

The importance of navigating the jungle when selling your business.

Congratulations — you have made the decision to sell your company or are seriously contemplating it. The next step is to prepare yourself, learn new terminology and understand the necessity …