Devices That Can Extend Health and Profits

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Textile Recycling: State of Play

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Slogan or Substance

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The smart sock from Mentech and Quad Industries uses an electrode patch to measure skin conductance, detecting stress or anxiety in the wearer. Photo: Marie O’Mahony

Global life expectancy has risen to 71.7 years in 2022 (from 64.5 years in 1950) and is set to rise further to 77.3 years by 2050 according to figures from …

"Textile Recycling: State of Play” report published by Apparel Insider and written by Brett Matthews, inset. Photo courtesy of Apparel Insider

Interview with Report Author Brett Mathews The April launch of a new report “Textile Recycling: State of Play,” was directed not just at the textile industry but at potential investors. …

The Raleigh Denim Workshop offering bespoke locally made denim jeans with machinist altering the length to fit while the customer waits. Photo courtesy Marie O’Mahony

Made in America Must Be More About Manufacturing than Marketing Politicians like nothing better than a catchy slogan: “Made in America” and “Buy American” certainly fit those criteria, but are …

PolyIC GmbH & Co KG’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) interface panels bring together layers of responsive functionality for the transport market. Images showing front view (above) and reverse (right). Marie O’Mahony

Driving Forces of Flexible Hybrid Electronics The global smart textile market estimated to be worth $2.82 billion in 2022 and projected to rise to $17.94 billion by 2031, showing a …

TWINE offers an inkjet color process for thread or yarn that is waterless and allows for only the quantity required to be dyed, reducing waste. Photo courtesy Marie O’Mahony

Sustainability has been a dominant, if not the dominant presence in fiber and yarn developments throughout 2022 and shows no signs of abating in the near future. Manufacturers have, in …