B.I.G. Yarns launches EqoCycle Yarns designed with circular economy benefits & high performance for the carpet industry

Infographic EqoCycle Recycled Content Yarn
Infographic EqoCycle recycled content yarn. Photo courtesy of Beaulieu International Group

B.I.G. Yarns, a division of Beaulieu International Group, recently announced EqoCycle, a fully recyclable PA6 yarn with 75% recycled content, offering the same high-quality performance of virgin PA6 yarn. The new recycled yarn mainly based on post-industrial waste, supports contract, automotive and residential carpet manufacturers with a drop-in circular solution to reduce the ecological footprint of their end products.

EqoCycle is made with recycled granulates derived from pre-consumer recycled and regenerated PA6, certified by Control Union for Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certification. The use of less virgin materials implicates a decrease of fossil fuels by 58% and a 27% decrease in energy consumption. Additionally, EqoCycle yarns allow a reduction of 37% of CO₂ eq./kg compared to the fossil-based yarns. The environmental impacts of EqoCycle with 75% recycled content were calculated through an LCA analysis, verified according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A1 and published in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD registration number S-P-02415).

Customers have the assurance that for every 1,000 tons of EqoCycle yarn, 13,562 barrels of oil are saved and 2,700 tons of CO₂ emission are reduced, compared to PA6 traditionally made from virgin materials.