Birla Purocel offers innovative & sustainable fiber solutions for nonwovens

Purocel EcoDry for sustainable absorbent hygiene products is a biodegradable & compostable viscose fiber with engineered hydrophobicity specially crafted for sustainable absorbent hygiene products (AHPs). It helps create super soft nonwovens for top sheet application in AHPs like sanitary pads that keep the user’s skin dry, while also allowing fluids to get transferred to the core of AHPs. The fiber is fully sustainable in nature, making it possible to have eco-friendly hygiene products meeting required performance.

Viscose staple fiber is, by nature, a hydrophilic fiber. Our innovation, Purocel EcoDry is a specialty viscose staple fiber, which has been carefully designed with optimum hydrophobicity to get the desired properties in the top sheet application of AHPs like sanitary pads or panty liners. Purocel EcoDry fiber provides perfect balance between the two most critical properties required in the absorbent hygiene product like rate of absorption, as well as wetback or rewet.

Purocel EcoDry viscose fiber provides the perfect combination of the biodegradability & compostability of natural fibers, as well as performance of synthetic plastic/oil-based fibers, as shown below.

Purocel Eco for building traceable sustainable products

Purocel Eco is an eco-enhanced viscose fiber with built-in molecular tracer for 100% transparency. End consumers can now trace the origin and journey of the end products like wipes with a simple QR code scan, so they can be assured that the products are sourced sustainably.

Purocel Eco is the world’s first to provide such features in the nonwovens industry. It has been infused with a unique propriety tracer, which can be identified at any stage from fiber to fabric to end product across the nonwovens value chain.

Apart from traceability, Purocel Eco offers a host of sustainability credentials as below:

  • Purocel Eco is sourced from FSC-certified sustainable forests, thus conserving biodiversity, saving endangered forests and increasing overall green cover.
  • Purocel Eco is produced in an EU BAT-compliant manufacturing facility, which meets the most stringent European emission norms for Viscose fibers.
  • Purocel Eco has been manufactured in a manufacturing facility having best-in-class Higg FEM (3.0) index of 93% as of 2019.
  • Purocel Eco promises 65% lower greenhouse gas emissions, 75% lower water emissions, uses more than 50% of renewable energy source, and follows a closed-loop production process wherein more than 90% sulfur used in the process is recovered & recycled, making it even more sustainable.

Purocel Plus fibers for 100% viscose-based wipes

Purocel Plus fibers for 100% viscose-based wipes are designed for sustainable cellulosic wipes, compliant with the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive.

Specially crafted viscose fibers enable the switch from plastic-based fibers to sustainable 100% cellulosics, while maintaining process-ability and wipe properties. Our innovative fiber offerings fast-track the journey for a better tomorrow!

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