Claros Technologies Announces Breakthrough Performance of Antimicrobial Textile Additives

Claros Technologies, Inc. announced the release of a third-party independent study verifying the capability and durability of the company’s antimicrobial additives for textiles.

Conducted by an independent laboratory, the test found that Claros’ ZioShieldTM (antimicrobial) and ZioFreshTM (anti-odor) products can reduce the presence of numerous species of disease-inducing bacteria, fungi, and viruses by 99.999 percent, i.e. a log 5 microbial reduction.

While other textiles can possess antimicrobial properties, these textiles have proven to exhibit gradual decreases in performance after regular wash and dry cycles. This decline in performance has also been associated with the loss of up to 70 percent of the textiles’ active ingredients including silver and copper, which then contribute to water and environmental pollution when they are subsequently released into local waste streams.

However, the study found that the textiles that were treated with Claros’ eco-friendly ingredients and processes maintained their log 5 antimicrobial reduction capacities after 100 wash and dry cycles, far surpassing the industry standard of 20 cycles.

Claros has previously received multiple accolades for its advancements in functional textiles. Most recently, Claros was recognized with the 2021 Innovation Award on behalf of TechConnect. Claros also received an International Achievement Award from the Advanced Textiles Association for the company’s ability to significantly increase the safety and longevity of textile composite materials by growing active materials within host fabrics including natural fibers, synthetic fibers, plastic films, and resins. In 2020, Claros was additionally honored with the Tekne award in the category of Sustainable Resources on behalf of the Minnesota Technology Association.