Devan Chemicals introduces two new bio-based textile finishes

Summer field with white daisy flowers . Flowers background.

Devan Chemicals, the Belgium-based developer of finishing technologies for textiles, launched two bio-based solutions at the Heimtextil tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany. The company previously launched a bio-based flame retardant, Bio-flam, in May 2019, and now it will launch another two  ̶  a bio-based antimicrobial (BI-OME® natural) and bio-based PCMs (Tones of Cool® Bio).

BI-OME Natural is a natural, bio-based antimicrobial solution that guarantees an optimal freshness and hygiene for textiles. The active ingredients are Linseed oil, obtained from the dried, ripened seeds of the flax plant, and Chrysanthemum, derived from the seeds of the flowers of the daisy. The active ingredients in BI-OME Natural are organic, GMO free, biodegradable and recyclable.

Tones of Cool Bio is a patented cooling technology that stimulates the textile to dissipate redundant heat from the body and to instantly reduce the body temperature. The PCMs used in Tones of Cool Bio are derived from sustainable, natural sources. The PCMs have the form of a crystalline wax or oily liquid (depending on temperature) and is 100% plant based. In addition, Tones of Cool Bio has a lower flammability than traditional paraffin based PCMs. The bio-source of the technology is certified by the German DIN lab.