DOMO Chemicals launches NYLEO®, the new brand for its innovative Performance Fibers product line

NYLEO® the new brand for DOMO's Performance Fibers product line.
NYLEO® the new brand for DOMO's Performance Fibers product line.

NYLEO® is the new brand for DOMO’s Performance Fibers product line, bringing together a compelling combination of well-established performance fibers and groundbreaking new solutions. Based on nylon 66, NYLEO® is used in numerous applications in the textile, flooring, flock and abrasive markets. Thanks to its unique properties, it offers a wide range of actions to enhance product performance.

“In a fast-changing world, markets and consumers demand innovative solutions to meet the daily requisites for health, safety and sustainability,” said Nicolas Forien, Sales Director PA66 & Fibers at DOMO. “At DOMO, because we are a key polyamide player equipped with the world’s most recent polymerization line for staple fiber, we are committed to achieving cutting-edge breakthroughs in PA 66 fibers. This is demonstrated in our innovative NYLEO® line of nylon 66 value-added solutions. These include new products for flame retardancy, enhanced biodegradability, and inhibiting bacteria.”

NYLEO® merges a rich heritage in the nylon 66-based fiber market with a new focus on innovation with three pioneering products: NYLEO® PROTECT with improved flame retardancy, NYLEO® 4EARTH® with enhanced biodegradability, and NYLEO® SAFE with bacteriostatic properties.

Based at its Valence site in France, DOMO’s Performance Fibers teams work to create unique fibers designed to meet key market needs. DOMO has been producing world-class PA66 fibers since 1955 for such industries as nonwovens for abrasives and aeronautics, flooring for carpets, high performance textiles, flock for upholstery, automotive interiors and flooring, and many other consumer products. The NYLEO® brand will now be applied to the full portfolio of polyamide 66 (PA 66) fiber products, including staple fibers, crimped tow and tow for flock. These are well known for their superior resilience, outstanding wear and abrasion resistance, higher tenacity, excellent dyeability and color fastness, consistent quality, and soft feel.

And now, NYLEO® also represents cutting-edge innovation with its new line of PA 66 fiber products:

  • NYLEO® PROTECT – In order to contribute to higher levels of safety in the Personal Protective Equipment, clothing, furniture and transportation industries, DOMO has developed a new flame retardant PA 66 fiber. NYLEO® PROTECT combines all the advantages of PA 66, such as mechanical performance, comfort, low specific weight and outstanding abrasion resistance, with improved flame retardancy performance. Indeed, the limiting oxygen index (LOI) of NYLEO® PROTECT has been improved to 28%, which is the level of typical flame retardant fibers.
  • NYLEO® 4EARTH® – More and more manufacturers are concerned about sustainability and the circular economy, with the aim to reduce their impact on the environment through better waste management. Based on the observation that the textile value chain is a major contributor to landfills, where most clothing ends its life, DOMO has developed this new fiber, which demonstrates enhanced biodegradation when landfilled. A traditional nylon 66 fiber decomposes in about 50-100 years. NYLEO® 4EARTH® with enhanced biodegradability decomposes in under five years.
  • NYLEO® SAFE – Bacteria propagation has become a health concern of increasing urgency. Therefore, DOMO has developed a new bacteriostatic fiber to fight this problem. A bacteriostatic agent is introduced into the polymeric matrix, creating a long-lasting effect to protect the fibers and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Source: DOMO