ELSNER Automated Solutions help customers keep up with demands, even during challenging times

ELSNER offers a range of automation solutions
ELSNER has been manufacturing converting machinery for over 85 years. In that time we've helped dozens of manufacturers automate processes to save time, labor and money.

From canister wipes to surgical drapes and gowns to spiral wound filters, ELSNER Automation has helped our customers maintain throughput and boost productivity. With manufacturers needing more resilience to disruption for the future as they continue to face ongoing challenges with the COVID-19 crisis and labor shortages, there’s never been a time that more clearly highlights what NOT investing in automated solutions will cost you.

Pain points ELSNER Automation helps conquer:

  1. Labor pressures are nothing new, but COVID-19 has highlighted labor concerns. With a lack of options and smaller staffing, continuity to maintain throughput has been difficult for many manufacturers.
  2. Improved Quality and Consistency: Automation means less chance for human error, and a higher level of quality, precision, and accuracy.
  3. Boost Productivity: Automated processes produce efficient, productivity-related boosts such as increased speed, minimized changeover time and ability to run without disruption.

Why ELSNER for automated solutions?

As a U.S.-based company that has grown with the times, we are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to possess a broad view on manufacturing, having designed machinery for many diverse and complex markets. We have the context and experience to help you evaluate new markets, new substrates and the potential your operation holds.

ELSNER offers a range of automation solutions for PPE, wipes and filtration.
ELSNER offers a range of automation solutions for PPE, wipes and filtration.

Automated solutions examples:

  1. Automated wet wipes production to keep up with demands; substrate testing for upfront savings: Coronavirus has resulted in huge increases in demand for canister wipes as manufacturers have struggled to keep them on the shelves. ELSNER has been busier than ever working with our customers to keep up with demands. Installing our ENR-Series fully automatic slitter rewinders has boosted our customers’ quality and efficiency to the highest levels to-date. To further help our customers when they want to introduce new substrates without interrupting production, we’ve developed ELSNER Certified, a next-level material testing program that trials new materials and determines run-ability on our machines, allowing production to run easy while eliminating upfront testing.
  2. Quality gains for filter systems: Manufacturers of spiral-wound membrane filters had a lot of manual labor involved in the process of building each of their finished products. ELSNER Filtration designed and engineered automated lines featuring processes such as adhesive dispensing and robotic assembly that greatly reduce labor, improve product effectiveness and gain consistency in quality.
  3. Boosted productivity and quality of products for nonwoven medical disposables: When a manufacturer of a complex surgical drape sought to eliminate manual labor and inconsistent quality, ELSNER developed a custom automated drape production line that features robotic processes such as ultrasonic welding, high-speed picking and placing, and material handling and assembly. Another success story involves a large medical products company realizing it was time to replace an antiquated slitting and rewinding machine. We developed an automatic small roll rewinder, dramatically changing the daily routine of the line operators, saving time.

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