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Factory locations in MA and NY
Factory locations in MA and NY

Gehring Tricot Corporation is a leading US manufacturer of warp knit, circular knit and stretch woven fabrics. Founded as Gehring Textiles, Inc. in 1946, Gehring has remained a family-owned and operated business through three generations; with the fourth generation entering training (some might say the best generation).

GTC is a vertical operation with manufacturing in New York and Massachusetts that emphasizes quality control, innovation, precision manufacturing, hands-on technical assistance and customer service while providing an ethical, family-style, safe work environment.

GTC has been supplying custom engineered solutions to meet a variety of industry needs including those in the medical, sports, safety, aerospace, apparel and defense industries.

Through a steady process of growth, powered by adaptation and acquisitions, GTC’s third-generation family ownership has afforded the leadership and vision needed to survive and thrive in the challenging arena of domestic textiles.

Over the past couple of years, we have been living through a global pandemic. GTC chose to cease all non-essential fabric production and committed themselves to the manufacture of fabrics for medical supplies, medical and nonmedical masks, hospital gowns, medical bandages and hospital curtains.
Gehring had already been producing these products but fine-tuned their focus to accommodate increased demand due to that global crisis.

The crisis also really highlighted one huge downfall we have as a country: how dependent we are upon outside supply chains.

But, as we are now three years hence, we are provided a great opportunity to redirect the global supply chain back to the United States. Our country can go through a metamorphosis and rebuilding unseen since the Industrial Revolution by bringing back manufacturing to this country. And, there is no better way than with Gehring Tricot Corporation!

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