GKD expands process belts portfolio at INDEX

GKD's Conductive 2215 process belt mesh

GKD showcased its Conductive 2215 process belt mesh, a glass hybrid fabric design with anti-stick coating and its Conducto 7690 forming belt at INDEX, Oct. 19-22, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Conductive 2215 process belt mesh for nonwoven forming was created by the interaction of polyester filaments, the filament diameter, weave technology and air permeability, enabling precise nonwoven deposits and extraction. It also prevents fiber entanglement and fiber loss. The electrostatic charge that occurs during forming processes is discharged via carbon-coated filaments.

GKD also presented a glass hybrid fabric design with artistic coating. This belt type, ideal for thermal bonding of voluminous or heavily compressed products in double-belt ovens, features a single-ply mesh made of stainless-steel wires and fiberglass strands available in both magnetic and non-magnetic form. The mesh features a full PFA coating.

The trade fair appearance also focused on the Conducto 7690 forming belt made of polyester monofilaments and metallic multifilament. The mesh design can be used in the production of medical or hygiene products with metal fibers that are woven into the back of the belt and do not come in contact with the product.