HW Produktions of Germany installs Fare` spunbond line

The company HW Produktions GmbH of Germany has decided to start the production of high performing nonwovens with the purchase of a new Farè spunbond line in Halberstadt Germany.

It is a bicomponent line using polyolefin (PP and PE) and polyester (PET) as raw materials for the production of PET/PP, PET/PE and PP/PE spunbond with different cross sections.

For HW Produktions GmbH this is the first step of a growth strategy in innovative high performance nonwovens. HW Produktions has chosen Farè of Italy as partner for this new industrial investment after a careful survey of the spunbond process available where the high performance of premium products, the energy saving and the flexibility of the line to produce different webs are key winning factors of Farè technology. Farè will supply to HW Produktions the equipment for the production of spunbond from light to medium weight webs covering all nonwovens applications from hygiene to technical. This allows HW to achieve a leading position in high demanding markets and to create new segments thanks to the variety of new spundbonds available with Farè line thanks to its innovative solutions.

The line will start the production on the third quarter 2015.