Impact FX, the next generation: optimizations for increased quality

Weighting arm PK 2630 SEC fitted with the new features.
Weighting arm PK 2630 SEC fitted with the new features.

From September 2018, all Zinser compact spinning machines will be supplied with a new Impact FX Generation. The pioneering features include: the enlarged front top rollers and compact front top rollers with new cots, the original Zinser compact apron, the built-in leaf spring and the flow-optimized suction tubes. The new generation of Impact FX reduces manufacturing costs, improves process safety and produces excellent yarn quality.

New: front top roller with 30 mm diameter and defined offset to the front

The diameter of the front top roller was increased to 30 mm. Thanks to the larger diameter, the roller can be ground down more frequently, which in turn increases usability. The defined offset to the front of +1 mm achieves more precise fiber clamping. Even floating fibers can thus be more effectively led into the main draft field – for optimal yarn quality.

The front top roller is fitted with the new AccoSmart sandwich cots. By combination of two tailor-made, high quality elastomer layers, AccoSmart cots feature higher deformation and provide larger contact surfaces compared to conventional one-layer soft cots. A higher degree of abrasion resistance and a lower susceptibility to tears are thus achieved.

New: Optimized compact front top roller

The new Impact FX unit has an optimized compact front top roller with new roller cots and a diameter that has been modified to 27 mm. The new cots and the greater roller diameter improve the technical spinning qualities, thereby significantly contributing to the quality of the yarn.

Overall, the compact element can now be adjusted even more easily and in a more user-friendly way.

New: Original Zinser compact aprons

The centerpiece of Impact FX is the self-cleaning compact apron. The newly developed Original Zinser compact apron has an optimized inner layer and offers improved running qualities and a longer lifetime. It can now be economically replaced during standard machine maintenance.


Original Zinser compact aprons

New: Leaf spring for secure positioning

The new leaf spring enables secure positioning of the Impact FX unit. The optimization leads to constant compacting and guarantees a constantly compact yarn quality from spinning position to spinning position.

New: Flow-optimized suction tube

Last but not least of the innovations is the flow optimised suction tube with improved suction effect. It consists of a base body with enlarged internal diameter and a matching adaptor.

The new tube reliably avoids lap formation. It is easier to clean and replace, as there is no longer a need to differentiate between the left and the right tube. The opening of the tube is easily positioned accordingly.

New suction tube with optimized bracket.

Zinser compact yarns for the highest quality

The new performance features of the Impact FX unit, combined with its self-cleaning design, high level of process safety and unique variety of applications will give Saurer’s customers decisive competitive advantages in the textile markets of the future.

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