Karl Mayer introduces digital solutions with its HKS 3-M ON

The Spring Motion Assistant

Karl Mayer launched its HKS 3-M ON, featuring the use of digitally generated tricot machine works with electronic pattern data obtained from the KM.ON cloud. This allows it to offer short and flexible design changes, minimal downtime and operation without the expense of ordering pattern discs. This also reduces the risk of operating errors. 

The HKS 3-M ON also features the Spring Motion Assistant, an automatic return device that simplifies the changing of guide bars. There is a function on the touchscreen that guides the user through the partially automated process step by step. The user starts by loosening the yarn sheet in the guide bar. Once this is done, the ON gear moves the guide bar and releases the spring motion. The operator then removes the spring motion, swivels the push rod to the side and removes the guide bar. Once the spring motion and push rod are back in their original places with the newly threaded guide bar, the spring motion is set to the correct position and tensioned automatically. The machine lighting visually informs the operator that the function has been completed and production can continue. The Spring Motion Assistant now comes as standard on the HKS 3-M ON.