Performance Machinery for Your Fabric Coating Innovation

Davis-Standard example of a fabric coating line.
Davis-Standard example of a fabric coating line.

Davis-Standard, LLC (, headquartered in Pawcatuck, Conn., is a global leader in the design, development and distribution of extrusion and converting technology. Davis-Standard systems encompass over 14 product lines to support manufacturing applications and customers within every major industry. This includes the agriculture, automotive, construction, healthcare, energy, electronics, food and beverage packaging and retail industries, among others. With more than 1,400 employees worldwide and a network of independent sales agents and suppliers in nearly every country, Davis-Standard is committed to engineering systems that are reliable, environmentally friendly and offer a high return on investment. The company has manufacturing and technical facilities in the United States, Canada, China, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Davis-Standard supplies a range of performance technology for high-volume fabric coating applications and engineered textiles. Machinery solutions encompass extruders, controls, feedscrews, unwinds and winders, laminators, coaters, and web handling equipment. Customers can access in-line extrusion coating and laminating machinery to attain consistent and reliable adhesion for high-value products such as chemical-resistant garments, footwear, and protective outerwear. Benefits include:

  • A streamlined web path for challenging substrates to attain a uniform web temperature throughout the process and prevent defects such as web curl.
  • Laminators with a superior adhesion level due to high nip force and nip roll geometry.
  • Technology for LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PA, PVC, PU and multiple engineered resins. This includes mono-material structures, biodegradable resins and increased recyclable content.
  • Large installed base and regional after-sale support and service capabilities.

Davis-Standard recently introduced the high-output CHP extruder. The CHP accommodates existing carriage or platform structures and can easily fit into tight spaces for retrofits, co-extrusion functionality, and as a replacement extruder to increase output and line speed. This machine makes it possible to process multiple SKUs on the same line by enabling a simple feedscrew change for different market segments. In-line coating with priming on one or both sides offers flexibility for superior quality control. Processors can extrude LDPE, LLDPE, and PP blends in a variety of structures and in-line with speeds up to 1500 feet per minute (450 mpm) and web widths up to 160 inches (4 meters).

Another development is the launch of Davis-Standard’s DS Activ-Check™ system. This Industry 4.0 platform can be used for continuous monitoring, preventative maintenance, and mobile alerts. DS Activ-Check™ uses analytical tools based on long-term cloud data storage, along with process and equipment technology algorithms to help management and production teams identify and improve product quality and line productivity.

Product Highlights:

  • • Fabric coating – In-line capabilities, quick changes, reduced waste for multiple products.
  • • Extrusion coating – Multi-coating solutions, web handling, transfer unwinds and winders.
  • • Liquid coating – Precision coating and drying, ultra-thin or thick coatings, slow or high-speed processes.
  • • DS Activ-Check™ – Digitial transformation solution: smart monitoring, analysis, alerts for reduced downtime, superior quality and productivity.
  • • R&D – In-house laboratories, product testing and validation, new technology development.

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