Pfaff Industrial presents industrial sewing and welding solutions at A+A

Pfaff Industrial's Pfaff 1591

Pfaff Industrial participated in the A+A fair Oct. 26-29, in Düsseldorf, Germany, exhibiting several sewing and welding solutions. Pfaff exhibited its electronic posted shoe machine, the Pfaff 1591, driven by a stepping motor for assembly and decorative seams, and its large-area sewing unit, the Pfaff 3590, for full-automatic topstitching of work shoe uppers. The Pfaff 3590 features a vertical hook system for multi-directional sewing properties.

Pfaff also showcased multiple welding machines, including the Pfaff 8303i, the Pfaff 8323, the Pfaff 8311 (005 001) and the Pfaff 8311 (105 001). The Pfaff 8303i is a hot-air taping machine for welding continuous seams on water-resistant, waterproof and breathable materials. The Pfaff 8323, a hot-air welding machine for the welding of reflective strips, is designed for use on work, sports, protective and safety wear. The Pfaff 8311 (005 001) and the Pfaff 8311 (105 001) are both ultrasonic welding machines, with the 105 001 being C&S Dual version with cutting and welding a second seam in one operation. The cutting wheel can be switched on and off via the touch control panel.