SAUERESSIG Surfaces to present latest developments in 3D embossing at IDEA 2022


As a leading international supplier along the pre-press stage as well as rotogravure and embossing cylinders, SAUERESSIG Surfaces will be showcasing its expertise in the field of tissue and hygiene products, nonwovens, glass and metal, as well as wood, flooring and plastics processing and surface design at IDEA 2022. SAUERESSIG Surfaces will also present its latest developments in 3D embossing and apertured nonwovens at the show.

SAUERESSIG Surfaces’ 3D embossed and apertured nonwovens are designed to create the possibility of adding new special effects to high-quality nonwovens, while improving material properties. The process is achieved by using a set of high-precision heated rollers with equally accurate engraving designs. Such extreme precision is required due to the high processing speed, up to approximately 600 m/min. SAUERESSIG Surfaces aim is to provide solutions to increase the production speed even further.

This application enables nonwovens producers to expand their portfolio and diversify in the market with new and unusual designs, enhance product properties, generate completely new applications, and increase the production speed.

Nonwovens produced with this process have a low weight in contrast to conventionally produced nonwovens, impress with extraordinary and new design possibilities and 3D effects, have an improved tensile strength with good elasticity, are pressure resistant and have a high air and water permeability.

SAUERESSIG Surfaces will be exhibiting at IDEA 2022: Booth #4101