SENSIL® ByNature Jump Starts Nylon 6.6 Sustainability

SENSIL® ByNature
SENSIL® ByNature

NILIT, a global leader in premium Nylon 6.6, is introduced SENSIL® ByNature, a new product that significantly improves apparel’s sustainability profile, life cycle analysis, and environmental impact. By using a certified Biomass Balance (BMB) material, NILIT replaces fossil raw material with renewable feedstock. Utilizing this ISCCplus certified material, SENSIL® ByNature reduces GHG emissions and lessens dependence on non-renewable resources. Apparel made with SENSIL® ByNature fabrics offers consumers a meaningful way to help reduce carbon footprint while keeping exactly the same comfort, performance, and longevity that they expect and get today from SENSIL®.

“SENSIL® ByNature is a ground-breaking innovation in premium Nylon 6.6,” says Ilan Melamed, NILIT General Manager. “SENSIL® ByNature will significantly reduce carbon footprint while providing the highest quality man-made fiber for apparel. This is the kind of radical product development that the textile industry requires to effectively and quickly reduce its environmental impact and move to a more responsible position in the global marketplace.”

While SENSIL® ByNature is clearly the smarter environmental choice, NILIT engineers have ensured that SENSIL® ByNature fabrics also deliver the comfort and functionality that designers expect from premium Nylon 6.6. Consumers will enjoy an enhanced sense of well-being that comes from selecting high-quality, long-lasting apparel that aligns with their personal values.