Suominen develops flushable moist toilet tissue

Suominen Hydraspun Aquaflo

Suominen has successfully developed Hydraspun Aquaflo, a moist toilet tissue with even better dispersibility than current options on the market. Hydraspun Aquaflo offers near parity dispersion with dry toilet tissue but with premium thickness for a better consumer experience in use.

Suominen’s new flushable nonwovens substrate, Hydraspun Aquaflo passed the stringent standards for dispersibility set by both the International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) and INDA/EDANA (GD4) in independent testing.

“We are extremely proud to launch Hydraspun Aquaflo. Its 100% cellulosic fiber composition is evidence of sustainable origins and its capability to fully and rapidly break down in wastewater provides biodegradability in disposal, giving consumers an end-to-end eco-friendly solution for personal care. Dry toilet tissue is recognized as the material most capable of breaking down in sewer systems and HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo was developed with this result in mind,” said Andrew Charleston, category manager, for Suominen Americas.