WinFors – special winder for delicate materials ensures stable processes

The Oerlikon Barmag WinFors winder reveals its potential in particular when winding materials such as microfilaments, mother yarn, airbag yarns and seatbelt yarns.

By Susanne Beyer and Harald Müller, Oerlikon Barmag

With the new WinFors reversing winder, Oerlikon Barmag is expanding its family of winders to include a new member. The specialist for especially delicate yarns reveals its potential in particular when winding materials such as microfilaments, mother yarn, airbag yarns and seatbelt yarns. Deployable in the POY, FDY, industrial yarn and BCF processes, WinFors can be used as standard for polyamide, polyester and polypropylene polymers, while other polymers – such as PVA, for example – are also not a problem.

In concrete terms, the WinFors offers a considerably larger process window for seatbelt yarn applications than alternative winders. For manufacturers of airbag yarns, the longer chuck – measuring 1200mm in length – is a more efficient solution for producing yarn. And the new development from the R&D departments in Chemnitz and Remscheid (Germany) promises a more stable process for the manufacture of mother yarn. Successful endurance tests for all processes – POY, FDY, IDY and BCF – have confirmed that the WinFors is ready for the market. “With this, WinFors is more versatile than any other winder on the market”, said Head of Development at the Chemnitz site, Peter Steinke.

Reversing shaft ensures gentle yarn treatment

The winder – which was unveiled at the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt for the very first time – is based on the WINGS and ACW platform, but relies on the reversing shaft in terms of its traverse system. With this, the yarn is laid in a particularly gentle manner, albeit not at the speeds common in birotor traverse systems. Nevertheless, speeds of between 2500 and 4000 m/min are possible depending on the process.

WinFors can be fitted under virtually every older spinning system. This makes the winder a perfect retrofit solution.
WinFors can be fitted under virtually every older spinning system. This makes the winder a perfect retrofit solution.

Flexible and versatile

A further benefit of the new WinFors winder is its flexibility: to this end, it can be converted from a 4-end to an 8-end winder without much effort by simply exchanging the traverse system. “This is particularly relevant for spinning polypropylene. Here, the systems are usually smaller with mostly just four spinning positions. To nevertheless be able to flexibly react to customer requirements, manufacturers must be able to cover the broadest possible titer range with their system. However, to ensure that the package size is nonetheless the right fit for downstream processes, easy conversion from 8 packages for fine titers to 4 packages for coarser titers makes the system considerably more cost-efficient,” explained Steinke.

But its flexibility not only makes the WinFors interesting to investors in new systems and equipment: this all-rounder is also perfect as a retrofit solution. 4-, 6- and 8-end and equipped with a 1200mm chuck, WinFors can be fitted under virtually every older spinning system. Its huge process window and its versatility with regards to polymer processing and spinning processes make it the prudent solution for system modernization.

As in the case of all Oerlikon Barmag winders, the WinFors is controlled by the multiply tried-and-tested guide system as well as the current Siemens electrical system for the required ribbon breaking methods.

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