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Fiber Lines for Multiple Fiber Applications

With the development of more diversified post-consumer products for technical applications or nonwovens, fiber producers are challenged to produce an increasingly high variety of fiber types, even though most of the fiber consumption is used for spun yarns for the production of textiles, which are mainly “cotton-type” fibers. Polyester plays a dominant role and is still growing worldwide with a 4% average per year.…Continue Reading »

Outlook 2015

OUTLOOK™ the world’s premier personal care products conference, offers a diverse and relevant programme with multiple networking opportunities for all players in the nonwovens personal care products supply chain.


HYGIENIX: The Premier Event for the Absorbent Hygiene and Personal Care Markets The international conference is the result of the merger of INDA’s VISION Consumer Products Conference with the INSIGHT International Conference.

Synthetic Yarn and Fiber Association – Fall Conference

The Synthetic Yarn and Fiber Association is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals affiliated with the synthetic yarn and fiber industry.  Representation in the industry includes fiber producers, texturizers, staple yarn manufacturers, fabric producers for apparel, automotive, upholstery, and industrial …Continue Reading »