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Technical Textiles Market Forecast to Grow Rapidly

Canadian startup OMsignal has introduced a range of smart sports shirts that monitor the wearer’s heart rate, breathing and movement, and then use Bluetooth LE to send the collected data to their smartphone for real-time analysis.

By Geoff Fisher, European Editor

Sportswear that can measure heart rate and other performance metrics, and jackets that can control a smartphone are at the cutting edge of the burgeoning wearables sector. With a focus on technology, design and function, this trend is placing new demands on fabric makers developing e-textiles and other smart garments.

But the growing field of high-tech textiles does not solely involve integrating electronics into yarns and fabrics to produce trendy apparel; technical textiles are offering solutions in a wide range of end-uses using innovative yarns, fabric constructions and finishes.…Continue Reading »

Spun-Dyed Polyester Microfiber Yarns – EvoQuench Makes It Possible

Radial quenching systems such as the EvoQuench create an even, turbulence-free airflow and therefore guarantee gentle yarn handling and even quenching. This makes it the perfect system for microfiber spinning.

By Susanne Beyer and Stephan Faulstich

Even in the case of the last five-year plan by the Chinese government, the focus was on sustainable and innovative technologies. Only systems that promise technological and ecological value-added are approved for import. And the same applies to the provision of loans. With this, the highest-capacity market for manmade fiber manufacturing has set an extremely high standard for spinning technologies.…Continue Reading »

Plasma Modification of Technical Textiles

Figure 1. Micrographs showing the effects of oxygen plasma treatments on polypropylene fibers after 30 and 60 seconds. A. SEM images of treated fibers.  B. ESEM images of water droplets on treated fibers.

By Martin McCoustra and Robert Mather, Heriot-Watt University and Power Textiles Ltd.

Gas plasma treatment technology will be a game changer for processing textiles, and in particular technical textiles. The treatments adapt their surface properties without affecting any of their bulk properties. The plasma technique provides a clean, dry approach that consumes far less energy than do traditional wet treatments, the level of effluent is greatly reduced and, crucially, equipment on an industrial scale is commercially available1. …Continue Reading »

2016 NETInc Conference

TAPPI is pleased to announce that the 2016 NETInc Conference. NETInc (Innovative Nonwovens Conference) will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 15-18, 2016. The NETInc Conference is organized by the Nonwovens Engineers and Technologists (NET) Division of TAPPI. NETInc …Continue Reading »


FILTECH is the largest and most important filtration event world-wide. This Exhibition is a must for all those concerned with designing, improving, purchasing, selling or researching filtration and separation equipment and services. FILTECH is the international platform and solution provider …Continue Reading »

ITMA Asia 2016

Asia’s Leading-edge Business Platform Since 2008, a combined show known as “ITMA ASIA + CITME” has been held in China, scheduled to take place every two years. Taking off in Shanghai, the milestone event features the unique strengths of the …Continue Reading »